Welcome to Mayfield Angus Farm

The Mayfield family has been raising Angus cattle continually in the Little Dry Creek community of Giles County for over 40 years. Our goal at Mayfield Angus has always been to produce cattle for the commercial producers in our area. Our bulls are bred to add pounds to your calf crop. There are many fads that come and go but the fact has never changed that our commercial customers are paid based on the weight of their calves. In addition, we want to ensure our bulls produce real world females that can be used as replacements in anybody’s herd and perform on grass. We push for the highest carcass qualities possible without compromising production.

All our bulls are semen tested and must pass a breeding soundness exam before being sold. Every bull has received all shots and is ready to turn out. All the bulls available for sale meet the requirements for cost share under the Tennessee Ag Enhancement Genetics program.

MYCC PVF Blackbird 652 - Volunteer Classic Angus Show
MYCC PVF Blackbird 652 - Tennessee Preview Show
(Photo by Alex Tolbert, American Angus Ass'n)